This is a little information about the PixInsight course being offered by Ron Brecher .  Please note there will be a maximum of 25 students in this course.

Register for this course.

It is strongly recommended that each registrant review the materials at  http://www.ip4ap.com/pixinsight_part1.htm prior to the course.

DAY 1:  Day 1’s focus will be running students through a detailed review of preprocessing, since high-quality masters are so critical to outcomes.  We will examine each  individual process as well as the BatchPreprocessing script:

–       Setting up PixInsight / Global and Colour Settings
–       Evaluating image data
–       Image Calibration Theory and practice
–       Creating Master Calibration Frames
–       Calibration of Light Frames
–       CosmeticCorrection
–       Debayering of One-Shot Colour Data
–       ImageRegistration
–       ImageIntegration
–       BatchPreprocessing script (strengths/limitations)

DAY 2:  The morning will demo PixInsight processing on specific images.  The afternoon will look more closely into a few tools and techniques.

Each of the morning demos will cover the following topics, and a few image specific additional topics:

–       Cropping / Framing
–       Removing light pollution gradients
–       BackgroundNeutralization
–       ColorCalibration
–       Deconvolution
–       Linear noise reduction
–       “Stretching” the data (HistogramTransformation/MaskedStretch)
–       Nonlinear noise reduction
–       Dynamic range adjustment
–       Tweaking brightness, contrast and saturation
–       Increasing contrast and sharpness
–       Preparing to share your results

The afternoon sessions (2 x 1 hr) could include some of the following topics:

–       Deconvolution and sharpening
–       Making masks (including Introduction to PixelMath)
–       Noise reduction
–       Tri-colour narrowband images
–       Useful PixInsight Scripts
o   ColorMask
o   DarkStructureEnhance
o   PreviewAggregator

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