Eclipse & Planetary Photography

“More than you ever wanted to know about Spart Eclipse and Planetary Astrophotography!” by Dr. Jim Chung

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A four hour course that can be repeated both days if there is enough demand for both days attendance.  Alternatively I could split it into a 2 day course with two hours each if people want to attend Richard or Ron’s course and it conflicted with attending mine as well.

  • Introduction
  • My Personal Voyage
  • Solar Eclipse Photography
  • History of Planetary Imaging
  • Fundamentals/Theory
  • Telescope choices
  • Camera choices
  • DSLR imaging
  • Cellphone imaging
  • 2 hr mark – intermission or 2nd day
  • The Nitty Gritty
  • Processing/Stacking
  • WinJupos derotation
  • Atmospheric Dispersion Correction
  • Solar Imaging and Processing
  • Comet Imaging and Processing
  • Conclusion


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