Ron Brecher

Ron Brecher June 5, 2015

Ron Brecher ( has been an avid visual astronomer for about 20 years, and began photographing the night sky in 2006.  His deep sky, Sun and Moon images have won awards and are regularly featured in print and online magazines such as Astronomy, Sky & Telescope and SkyNews, asM33_LHaRGB-29hr05m_TH_RB_Dec_2015-768x551 well as scientific journals, CD covers, websites, calendars and even a beer label.  Since 2009, Ron has used PixInsight for all of his deep sky image processing.  Ron speaks and gives workshops on PixInsight and other astrophotography topics at major star parties in Canada and the US, including Starfest, AstroCATS, the Winter Star Party and the Saskatchewan Summer Star Party.  Ron is the Technical Reviewer for Warren Keller’s upcoming book on PixInsight, which will be published by Springer.


Ron will be teaching the PixInsights course. Please register at the CAPS website.

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