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Announcements / Re: Observatory Night - March 8, 2019
« Last post by Gavin.Hill on March 08, 2019, 02:08:39 PM »
Sorry Roger, I know I said last night Iíd be up to help get the roof open but due to an influx of business at the shop Iíll have to work late. Iíll try & get up afterwards if Iím not too tired
Announcements / Re: Observatory Night - March 8, 2019
« Last post by Jeff.Booth on March 08, 2019, 10:31:59 AM »
Indeed.  Looks spectacular .... and about time, too!

Here is a link to all of the Clear Sky Charts within 100 km of the Hamilton-Centre Observatory.

Here is the CSC prediction for tonight .... attached.

Have fun ... I will be setting up at home ....


Announcements / Observatory Night - March 8, 2019
« Last post by SubOrbitalRoger on March 08, 2019, 12:23:21 AM »
The Clear Sky Chart is predicting great skies for the evening of Friday, March 8, 2019. 

As a result, the Observatory Night for March 15, is being brought forward a week.

Please join us, as all are welcome.

Dress warmly as conditions are expected to be in the -10 to -11 degrees Celsius.

There will be a few 'scopes available to borrow, so if you have your own telescope, please bring it.

There will be suggestions for people who want to work toward their Messier Certificate, and others for those pursuing an Explore The Universe certificate.

The gates will be open by 7:30pm
Actually, the Board agreed that we should arrange a club trip to the DDO in the spring. Keep an eye out for it.
Hi again, Ed et al ...

Really glad Chris was able to talk a bit about the David Dunlap Observatory.
It is soooooooo  close to Hamilton-Centre that it would make a great trip .... for an afternoon or evening, for anyone interested.
Folks might want to consider signing up for one of the tours/events/etc. at the DDO .... here is a link to the events page where you can see what is going on, the programs offered, etc. 


And to whet your appetite, here are some images, including ....
          - The clocks -- note that one is Sidereal time -- used to "align" the telescope's setting circles when locking onto a target. (Now, Sidereal Time apps, mind you ...)
          - Some fun Sci-Fi posters ... (on the way to the B-room for goodness sakes ...  :)
          - a image of the trussed optical tube assembly
          - night shot of the Administration Building and the Observatory Dome
          - image on the roof of the Admin Bldg.  There are three smaller observatory domes atop the admin building, one centre, others at each end. The lady is my wife (we met in Physics class, ya know....:)
          - the elegant Library, in the Admin Bldg.
          - the dome at night, with a space-themed movie being projected onto it (it was a public event ...)
And finally ... if interested, here is a link to a 27m National Film Board piece on the Universe, which significantly features the DDO in the early '60s (I think), when it was still a research facility owned and run by the University of Toronto.


Oh wow!  Ed ... that sounds like  ... fantastic, man!!

I am so sorry I was double-booked that evening ..... :(

Gee, that Coachman experience sounds intriguing .... it seems to have worked out so very well for all concerned.

Jeff and Muhammad, We had a great meeting, even though the Legion hall was not open. I drove to the Royal Coachman and asked if they would host us and they were more than willing. About 26 of us crowded into a small room at the pub and enjoyed a great talk by Chris, after Bob took care of club business. I also asked Chris to speak about the DDO and he kindly obliged. It was rather nice to be able to sit with a drink and munchies while listening to his talk. The pub manager set up one of their big screens for us to use. We owe them a big thank you and it would be nice if the Board sent them a thank you card...just sayin'

I was out of the country, but I heard it was a great talk with an improvised location!

Chris allowed me to post this attachment after his talk: a summary of lunar landmarks.
Did Chris talk about the David Dunlap Observatory at all?
(Which he is heavily involved with ..)
The attached image shows Chris ... in costume as (I think) Doc Brown, from the movie Back to the Future.
What you see also is the the back end of the 74-inch telescope at the David Dunlap Observatory -- there is LOTS more too, just not in this image .... lol
Chuck, Thanks for the link and I agree that it was a super presentation. We often take our own natural satellite for granted but Chris made us realize just how special the Moon is and how much it has to offer to both visual astronomers and astrophotographers.

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